July 10, 2020

CCB and Covid-19: Keeping Our Community Safe

Building Better Lives for Everyone isn’t just a slogan - it’s a mission, a daily directive, and a philosophy that guides what we do. 

COVID-19 has been a challenge, but we’ve done our best with the necessary precautions while still being able to offer industry-best services to our customers. We wanted to take a moment today to tell you how we’ve been able to do this.

We knew early on testing was going to be a key part of any plan intended to keep our staff and customers safe. To that end, we’ve made testing available for everyone on our staff. This goes all the way from the staff at any of our locations right up to the very top of the org chart, and it also includes the family members of our CCB staff as well. Uncertain times can be scary, but when you walk into a CCB location, you can be sure that our staff is doing all they can to keep you safe.

CCB took a strong stance on PPE early on during the pandemic, and we think it’s still a good idea now. Nothing fancy, just common-sense measures like masks, protective barriers, and hand sanitizer have become a part of everyone’s daily routine in the corporate office as well as our branches. We’ve also been doing a lot of sanitizing as well.

Starting in mid-March we closed the lobbies and switched to drive-thru services only. Not being able to have face-to-face interaction with our customers hasn’t been ideal, but there’s no denying that doing all your banking through a vacuum tube or sliding drawer is an effective way to observe social distancing. We’re hoping to have our lobby open soon, but until then we’ll keep as many lanes open as possible so you can get the quick, efficient service that you’re used to.

Dealing with this pandemic has been about so much more than just coping with medical issues. The financial impact of the Coronavirus cannot be understated, and as a financial institution we’ve been on the front lines of helping our customers navigate these new waters.

Our IT department has been in top form keeping our online banking app running, especially as more people are considering ways to remotely handle their day-to-day tasks. Our staff are taking more calls than ever, as a number of our customers have had concerns about their home, auto, or personal loans during this unusual time.

As a financial lender we’ve also been thrust into the process of helping our customers find their way through the maze of PPP and other loan programs designed to keep small businesses afloat during the pandemic. If you have any questions or concerns about these programs, don’t hesitate to reach out! 

Most importantly, we want you to know that protecting and supporting our customers is our top concern. Chickasaw Community Bank will be there when you need us and we’ll get through this together. Hang in there and we’ll see you at the drive-thru!

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