Tribes for Housing

We're here to help you take advantage of government-guaranteed loan programs so you can find solutions today, not tomorrow.

Chickasaw Community Bank (formerly known as Bank2) is a 100% tribally-owned bank and experienced tribal lender. We have the ability to lend directly to the Tribes, Housing Authorities (HAs) or Tribally Designated Entities (TDHEs) to help meet your tribal housing needs. We can help the tribe using various government-guaranteed loan programs that can provide solutions today, not tomorrow, to meet your needs and assist families with housing.


Tribes don’t need to be totally reliant on government funding, when the tribe can leverage their funds and maximize tribal benefits. Tribes, HA’s, TDHE’s as the borrower, use the bank’s funds instead of money from the government. You’ll be working hand-in-hand with a tribally-owned bank that is experienced and excited to help you meet the housing needs of your tribe, village or pueblo. Other tribes have used these programs for lease-to-own programs, building housing units ,elderly housing, etc. You’re not limited to just single-family homes, as you can also take advantage of these programs for duplexes, triplexes, quad-plex, and more! The loan programs used by the tribe, HAs and TDHEs offer flexible and versatile solutions to meet your specific housing needs. See the programs below for specific details. You can also contact Nancy Bainbridge, Senior Vice-President of Tribal and Construction Loans, for additional information. Chickasaw Community Bank is HUD-certified for HUD 184 and Title VI loan programs.

HUD 184

The TRIBE, Housing Authority or TDHE as the borrower

The Section 184 program was designed to help meet the challenges of Indian Housing for tribes as well as individual tribal members. Under the Tribal Lending department, the tribes, HA, or TDHE is the borrower, using money borrowed from the bank instead of the government. These funds can be used to fund new housing construction, rehab or acquisition of properties. This includes manufactured or modular homes. By using our money there are no income restrictions on the tenants, lessees, or anticipated homeowners. This allows tribes to create additional opportunities and programs for the moderate- and above-income members who are often underserved. (This does not exclude low income; it just means “no income restrictions” as long as other funds used do not carry any restrictions.) The HUD 184 program can be used for single family residences all the way up to four-plex for various purposes, both on and off trust land. Leverage tribal funds to provide homes for dozens of families instead of just a few. We’re experienced in working with these programs and making them work for our tribal customers. We can use the flexibility and versatility of the program to help your tribe with your funding. Call us to see what it can do for your tribe!

Title VI

The Title VI Loan program is one of the most misunderstood programs. It leverages the IHBG grant and lends the Tribe, Housing Authority or THE funds from the bank in the form of a loan. It can be combined with other funds such as tax credits, other grants or other debt or stand alone. It can even provide the tribal capital for the tax credit. It does not use land as collateral. The loan amount is based on up to five (5x) times your tribal Needs Allocation and can be amortized over 20 years. Utilizing the Title VI program by itself or in conjunction with other programs (such as the HUD 184) Tribes, HAs or TDHE’s acting as the borrower can use these funds from the bank to provide for mixed-income homes, supportive housing, senior housing, VA housing, rehab centers, community centers and more. You can develop these projects on or off tribal lands. Tribes have used it for new construction, rehab/rebuild of existing inventory, land purchases, tax credit equity, etc. This program can be customized around the NAHASDA guidelines and combined with other programs to meet your tribal needs. It’s a great way to help you meet your tribal housing challenges. Do not wait for tomorrow and the inevitable rise in interest rates and contractor expenses. This program is a great way to alleviate some of your housing needs today. We’re experts in navigating the possibilities and versatility of this program, so get in touch with us today and let’s put it to work for your tribe.


The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has several programs that tribes, HA’s & TDHE’s can use to meet, supplement, or enhance their housing needs. Some of these programs are loan guaranty programs while others are direct loans through the USDA and other organizations that work together with loans and grants from Chickasaw Community Bank. As a tribally owned bank, Chickasaw Community Bank can work with the USDA loan programs and find a way to customize them to meet your specific needs. The USDA Community Facilities Direct Loan and Grant programs may be used either independently or in collaboration with another government guarantee program such as the HUD 184 or Title VI. It provides for a wide array of possibilities and enhancements, so it’s always to your benefit to investigate what they offer and see how it can be applied to your tribal project.