Below are some useful resources. Click on the highlighted links or phone numbers below to get more information.

Identity Theft & Personal Security

  • is a centralized service for consumers to request free annual credit reports.
  • Equifax — One of the three major credit score agencies. 1-800-525-6285
  • Experian — One of the three major credit score agencies. 1-888-397-3742
  • TransUnion — One of the three major credit score agencies. 1-800-888-4213
  • Federal Trade Commission — A one-stop national resource to help deter, detect, and defend against identity theft. Also a resource on what to do if your identity has been stolen.
  • Identity Theft Resource Center — A national non-profit organization providing information on understanding and preventing identity theft.
  • Privacy Rights Clearinghouse — Empowering consumers and protection privacy. 1-619- 298-3396

Cyber Education & Awareness

  • Creating a Password – See best practices for creating a strong password.
  • Best practices for Using Public Wifi – Learn how best to use a public wifi.
  • Online Safety – See five every day steps on how to stay safe online.
  • Mobile Security – Learn simple tips for securely using your mobile device.
  • Mobile Payments and Banking – Read simple tips for banking an making payments with your mobile device.
  • Cybersecurity While Traveling – See tips to help protect yourself in the cyber world when travleing.
  • Malware Tips – Learn about the types of malware, tools to protect yourself as well as what to do if you have benn compromised.
  • Online Privacy – See some simple tips to help understand and strengthen you online provacy.
  • Five Steps to Protecting your Digital Home – Our homes are becoming more technology driven.  Learn how to protect your digital home devices.
  • Phishing Tips – Learn what phishing is and how to protect yourself from phishing attacks.