March 13, 2023

Bulletin Regarding FDIC Insurance Coverage and Recent Bank Failures

Chickasaw Community Bank (CCB) is aware of the recent failure of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), in California, and the closure of Signature Bank in New York. We realize news like this can be alarming to customers and our community. CCB is committed to instilling confidence in, and protecting, our depositors and shareholder. As such, we have outlined some critical points to consider, in which we hope you will find comfort.

  • CCB is wholly owned by the Chickasaw Nation who has a strong track record of
    performance, and holds the confidence of the Bank and Oklahomans statewide.
  • We are a long-time participant in programs, such as the IntraFi network and others, which provide protection on customer deposits substantially over the standard $250,000 per depositor FDIC coverage. We have a very competent and proficient team, eager and ready to visit with customers about options on enhanced deposit protection. Customers
    interested in understanding more about their FDIC coverage can be directed to FDIC Insurance Coverage Calculator, or speak with a member of Retail Management.
  • We are well-capitalized by all regulatory standards, and regularly conduct third-party stress testing exercises on our capital to ensure we would remain well-capitalized even in
    a severely adverse economic scenario.
  • We routinely conduct stress testing exercises on the Bank’s liquidity, and have several contingencies in place for liquidity, all of which are currently unused and available.
  • Currently, our Bank holds less than 8% of our assets in “available for sale” (AFS) bonds, and does not hold any “held to maturity” (HTM) securities or U.S. Treasuries, which are
    being discussed and referenced as a potential contributor to other banks’ failures, or potential failures.

In conclusion, the same apparent issues that led to SVB’s failure, are not present within our institution. Our depositor base is primarily Oklahoma households and business entities, most of which have a tenured history and proven track record. Additionally, we have deployed our liquidity primarily into loans to local borrowers, or government-guaranteed home loans to individuals and families. Our balance sheet does not carry the same risk profile as Silicon Valley Bank’s balance sheet which apparently contained volatile deposits concentrated in venture capital and start-up companies, which were then apparently heavily deployed into low-yield, long-term bond investments.

The future of our Bank is bright, with a management team, employee base, and shareholder built to endure! We encourage you to reach out to us for further questions or information about Chickasaw Community Bank.