Consumer Loans

Finding the right vehicle can be a challenge, and when you’re working with Chickasaw Community Bank, we make sure that your funding is ready when it’s time to make the purchase. With a pre-approved auto loan, you can maximize your buying power on a new or used vehicle. Our competitve rates and quick approval process will make it easy to get you back on the road.

Not every loan is for a house or a car. For all those other things, Chickasaw Community Bank can help secure the money you need to make these purchases possible. We can quickly customize a loan for you that has a competitive rate and payback schedule that works with your situation.

We also offer deposit-secured loans that can be tied to your Chickasaw Community Bank savings account. Deposit-secured loans offer low-interest rates and convenient repayment schedules.

Contact us today for information on car loans or other consumer loans

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